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Calllock iphone 4 инструкция

19 авг 2010 Представляем вам краткую и полную инструкцию по использованию iPhone 4 и новой операционной системы iOS4, которую также. Jan 20, 2011 . diesel vdub Jan 20, 2011 4:44 PM in response to djm027 . clearly an iPhone is not a phone, or not really meant to be used as one. for all . EDITED : btw, there is not even a section in the manual how to simply CallLock is really handy tweak that locks your iPhone screen during a phone call iPhone 3GS using the manual method, today a new tweak available in Cydia.

Dec 4, 2010 Manual mode means that you must press the sleep button to lock your It's available for $.99 cents on the Cydia store for jailbroken iPhones. Jan 13, 2014 Hang up an iPhone call by tapping on the power button. Yes, the sleep/lock/ power button at the top of the iPhone can also be used to hang up a call, many other “secret tips” can be found in the iPhone User Manual, page 44 for this secret tip. Did the button change between the iPhone 4 and iPhone. Oct 8, 2012 I have an iPhone 4S. I really don't know in which basis it shows Answer/Decline buttons when someone calling me. Sometimes it shows both. 12 апр 2011 iPhone инструкция: 11 полезных советов для новых пользователей 4. Масштабирование экрана. Apple позаботилась о том, чтобы. Dec 4, 2010 To enjoy this tweak, your device must be jailbroken on iOS 4.x.You can download CallLock for .99 from the Cydia Store via BigBoss. Страница 2- CallLock - для тех, кто не смог справиться с датчиком приближения. Архив контента из Cydia

4 calllock iphone инструкция

Calllock iphone 4 инструкция


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